Bytcode has started providing its services from 1st February 2008, and continues to provide its services with excellence in training and information security. Bytecode Has trained more than 10000 students & corporates. The trained students are successfully working in MNC's like TCS(Tata Consultancy Services), HCL, INFOSYS and many more.

Words from Students

Testimonial The official courseware proves immensely helpful and effective to attain quality education and the strategy used to impart DIS10.1 training has undoubtedly equipped me with the foundation knowledge.

Imran Khan (DIS10.1, DIS10.2)

Testimonial I appreciate the course at Bytec0de Cyber Security for its compact syllabus and the good balance between theory classes and practicals. The friendly and co-operative atmosphere makes it a joy to study here.

Mukesh Kumar (DIS10.1)

These qualifications have already helped me do my job effectively. IT review meetings used to be a real challenge for me, but now I have the confidence to talk with authority and provide suggestions with real technical understanding.

Sarath Chand (DIS10.1, DIS10.2)

Testimonia lCertification like BCSE, DIS10.1 are a very good way of ensuring everyone reaches a common level of understanding. It allows us to set a course benchmark from which everyone can proceed with their learning.

Emanuelle (DIS10.2)

This Training is really life changing material. When I say life changing, I mean it. I was promoted in my department because this course has been presented in a very easy to learn style. I would highly recommend their training.

Kingsley (DIS10.1)

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